Rubik’s Cube Solved in 1 Second – Why?

Rubik's Cube Robot

My wife used to question why I watched sports or played video games like Madden Mobile on my smartphone. They’re a waste of time, right? Yes, they can be, but not in my case. As an entrepreneur, my mind is constantly churning and it’s often difficult to shut it off. If I don’t force myself…

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The Lean Startup – Book Review

The Lean Startup - Book Review

If you’ve read my most recent blog posts, you already know I’m thick into a startup business of my own. Although we’ve offered our own reputation management software internally to campaign clients for a couple of years now, we’re revamping it so much, and will be offering it as a stand alone product for the…

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How to Write Content for a Website

Compared to designing a website, filling it up with good content is difficult. Last Friday, my team and I completed the long and arduous task of launching a new website for our reputation management software. Whether you’re a web developer, marketer, office manager, or business owner, you’ve probably worked on such a project, and know…

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Launching a New Website

New ReviewJump Website

Just a quick post to announce that on Friday we launched our new website,! It’s the face of our new reputation management software that we just rebuilt, so feel free to check it out and let me know how you like it. Thinking About a New Website? If you’re about to start a new…

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5 Business Mistakes I Won’t Make In 2016

5 Business Mistakes I Won't Make in 2016

It’s funny… As I was compiling a list of mistakes I made this past year as a business owner, I realized I had already made many of them before! This time next year we’ll see if I’ve permanently learned from them. Fail: Trust But Verify Employees, clients, vendors… The people I work with are great.…

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