Slight Decrease in Business Owner Optimism

Meridian, Idaho – The June results for the Inbound Systems Business Growth survey are in. Both the pessimistic and very pessimistic categories increased very slightly, while the very optimistic category dipped by 1.7% There was, however, a 0.4% increase in the optimistic category. 1004 business owners were polled for the June survey, and the numbers…

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Optimism Rising Among Business Owners

Meridian, Idaho – May’s results of  the Inbound Systems Business Growth Survey have seen a steady increase of optimism. Optimism overall has increased by 3.1%. With a poll of 1,001 business owners, May has shown an increase in optimism categories and a 5.1% decrease in the Very Pessimistic category. “It’s always encouraging to see business…

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Business Owner Optimism Dips Slightly

Meridian, Idaho- Entering the fourth month of the Inbound Systems Business Growth Survey, optimism of business owners had a slight dip. Very optimist and very pessimistic both increased while the optimistic and pessimistic categories both decreased. With a poll of 1,014 business owners, April displayed an overall slight decrease of optimism of 61% compared to…

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Gary Vee, I Disagree

Gary Vaynerchuk

I feel like David taking on Goliath here, because Gary Vaynerchuk is, well, the one and only Gary Vay-ner-chuk! I follow his stuff and have since midway through his Wine Library TV stretch. (Funny, I’m not a wine drinker, I was just intrigued by him!) The guy’s a business and marketing god as far as…

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Business Owner Optimism Rises Again

Meridian, Idaho- Optimism of business owners has bounced back since last month’s survey. Last month had shown the first decline of optimism levels ever recorded from the Inbound Systems Business Growth Survey. With a poll of 1,002 respondents, March showed an overall increase of optimism to 65.6% from February’s numbers of 63.6%. “We saw an…

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