Yelp Reviews For Sale

Yelp Review For Sale
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Have you ever looked at the gigs on We needed assistance finishing a small project at the office the other day, so I posted a gig on craigslist for some one-time labor help.

Once I published the gig, I checked out my listing on the front-end of the site. When doing so, another gig caught my eye.

Take a look for yourself:

Looking for Yelpers

Really? People are still trying to find a shortcut to getting reviews?

I get it. It’s difficult for a local business to obtain 5-star reviews. After all, it’s one of the elementary problems our ReviewJump web application solves.

But paying for reviews? There’s a reason why a search for “yelp review” on now comes up empty:

Fiverr Yelp Review Search


Yelp doesn’t even like it when you ask for a review, let alone paying for one. In fact, Yelp will go so far as to penalize businesses who do by publishing this alert on their listing:

Yelp Consumer Alert

Applying for the Gig

I was curious if this was for real. So, I tracked down the login information for an old Yelp test account I setup years ago. I then sent an email from the gmail address attached to that account and applied for the gig.

That was 7 days ago, and no response yet.

In a way, I’m relieved. Giving the gig poster the benefit of the doubt, perhaps they came to their senses. Perhaps they realized they should get reviews the right way. Perhaps they signed up for ReviewJump!

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