Dockers Free Pants Super Bowl Commercial

Dockers Free Pants Super Bowl Ad
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What’s your most memorable Super Bowl commercial?

Someone asked me this question just the other day. Without question it was the Docker’s commercial a few years back when they were giving away free khakis.

Truthfully, I couldn’t recollect the actual content of the ad until I just searched for it! I only remembered the offer of a free pair of Docker’s pants in exchange for my contact info.

As soon as I saw the commercial, I raced to our home office computer. It turns out, I was fortunate to able to access the site because that’s where my luck ran out. I filled out the form, but it wouldn’t submit.

This call-to-action was so powerful and popular, that the website server bogged down within seconds. The site basically crashed because of all the demand for a free pair of khakis!

Great Call-To-Action, Poor Execution

This Super Bowl commercial aired in 2010, but it’s still memorable for me today. I guess it’s because I’m a marketing guy and this was a great example of an outstanding call-to-action in marketing.

The sad thing is, it went to waste. The Docker’s website crashed, guys couldn’t request their free pants, and a backlash ensued online.

Marketing did it’s job… the I.T. department didn’t!

Tomorrow is Super Bowl 50. Am I going to finally see a commercial more memorable than the Docker’s ad from six years ago?

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